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We are the sports integrity and governance experts

We are a curated group of some of Australasia’s leading experts in sports integrity and governance supported by a range of strong, highly regarded integrity service providers. Each of our experts has deep experience working within and for sports and government bodies and as directors of sport organisation boards and advisory boards.

What sets us apart?

The SIGPA team are all well-known, well-connected and have an unsurpassed network. We are well respected for our ability to be strategic and adaptable. We do what is in the best interests of our clients.


Our services are delivered flexibly, whether integrated within a client or providing virtual expertise. We bring independence, agility and deep expertise. We are cost effective and we provide tailored solutions to our client’s needs and budgets.


Most importantly, we are a full service integrity agency.

Assembling the best, most experienced sports integrity and governance professionals and suppliers in Australian and New Zealand.

Helping sports develop robust integrity and governance frameworks including by adopting our unique turn-key model to deliver a comprehensive sports integrity program.

Providing resource support to help sports address threats to sports integrity.

SIGPA’s mission is to build the capability of all sports to manage their internal governance and integrity programs. We do this by:

Community confidence in the fairness and legitimacy of Australian sport is critical for the survival and health of the sector, for community participation, and the return on high performance investment. The multiple health, economic, social and cultural benefits of sport are severely undermined when sports integrity is not properly protected. This can only be achieved by ensuring Australia operates an effective and contemporary sports integrity system.


Sport 2030 (National Sports Plan)

© Commonwealth of Australia (Department of Health) 2018


  • Child Safety Frameworks

  • Sports Science and Sports Medicine Frameworks

  • Concussion

  • Athlete Pregnancy

  • Codes of Conduct


  • Member Protection

  • Inclusion and Diversity


  • Anti-Doping

  • Illicit Substances

  • Sports Betting and Match-Fixing

  • Selection Disputes

  • Pitch/Courtsiding

  • Competition Regulation


  • Integrity Operations Reviews

  • Complaint Handling

  • Whistleblower Protections

  • Detection and Enforcement Systems (including Bet Monitoring and Hotline Reporting Tools)

  • Investigations

  • Education and Training

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Internal and external positioning of integrity strategy and measures



  • Board Performance Reviews

  • Chair and Director Mentoring

  • Board and Organisational Culture Reviews


  • Constituent Document Reviews

  • Compliance and Regulatory Support

  • Policy Review and Design

  • NSO Eligibility Reviews


  • Risk Management – Systems Design and Training

  • Critical Incident Management – Training and “Quarterbacking”

  • Crisis Communications

  • Insurance Program Reviews


  • Governance Operations Reviews

  • Whistleblower Protections

  • Education and Training

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Internal and external positioning of sports governance measures


Our core services

SIGPA helps our clients to deliver safe, fair and inclusive sport and high performing governance arrangements by sharing our expertise in the following areas:


We review and improve our clients’ sports integrity/governance arrangements through our expert operations consultants.


We provide best-of-breed policy and template documentation in a range of key areas through our SIGPA Playbook.


We deliver wide-ranging and ongoing resources to support and enforce our clients’ integrity programs, including the management of integrity incidents.

How we operate

SIGPA’s collective power enables us to offer and deliver a well-tested end-to-end solution known as the “3S Model”. We provide:

We offer a range of flexible service arrangements to assist with cost certainty and effectiveness for our clients:


Bespoke projects: for specific tasks or where advice is sought from our experts, we can agree a fixed price for our engagement


Off-the-shelf products: our turn-key National Integrity Framework can be acquired by sports (and we can also assist with the tailoring of the Framework for your sport’s circumstances)


Retainer arrangements: a popular option for national governing bodies in Australia and elsewhere, SIGPA can be retained to provide expertise for time periods that best suit a client’s needs


Funded programs: from time to time, federal and state government departments make financial assistance available to sports for particular sports integrity and governance projects. SIGPA helps our clients access these funding programs and execute projects on behalf of those clients with the support of that funding

Meet the SIGPA team

Our handpicked team features many of the best, most experienced sports integrity and governance professionals in Australasia. The experience and seniority of our team members in the sports integrity and governance space is unrivalled. We have decades of governance and integrity experience gained working for and within an extensive range of sporting and government clients.


To support each sport we work with, we offer through corporate alliances a range of strong, highly regarded integrity service providers.


Our team wants to make an impact on sport in Australia and overseas by enhancing the capability of sporting organisations, no matter how large or small.

Iain Roy
Chief Executive Officer

Dale Wood

Strategy Director

Malcolm Speed AO

Dr Catherine Ordway

Dr Peter Harcourt OAM

Our Integrity Service Providers

Bet Monitoring

Investigation Support

Third Party Due Diligence


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Integrity Hotline Programs

Whistleblower Programs

Investigation Services

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Crisis Communications Support

Stakeholder Communications

Reputation Management

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Investigation Support

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Why we are here

Managing sports integrity is hard but crucial. Get it wrong and it can have devastating impacts on a sport’s reputation and commercial and public support. This is why the Australian Government has identified “Safeguarding the Integrity of Sport” as one of the four key pillars of the National Sports Plan “Sport 2030” and established the new federal agency Sport Integrity Australia.

Adrian Anderson

Mat Jessep

Maria Clarke

Paul Bittar

Margot Foster AM OLY

Darren Boyd

Darren James

Dean Kino

Stuart Corbishley

Laura Johnston

Samantha Dellamarta

Venetia Bennett

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